Evolution stage Level X
Card name Buizel Level X
Type Water
Hit Points 120
Type Effectiveness Weakness:

Retreat Cost:
Rarity Rarity Rare
Card Number 3

Card Text Edit

Attacks Edit

Water-typeWater-type Surf 40

Water-typeWater-typeWater-type Hydro-Force 80

Pokédex Data Edit

Water-type Buizel- The Sea Weasel Pokémon Water-type

No. 418 | Height 2'04" | Weight 65.0 lbs.

It inflates its flotation sac, keeping its face above water in order to watch for prey movement.

Trivia Edit

An intricate card that was made on I, Phineasking12, willingly made this, possibly the first like this on the PCM and the PCM Wiki.

Seen On (Threads) Edit

  • "Realistic Cards"

Playable Edit

Of course not! Its a fake card.

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