Fusion Land is a world where the pokemon are only combinations of 2 pokemon. Since there are 649 pokemon in the national pokedex, the different forms of pokemon (except for Arceus) combine with other pokemon too, so we have 660 pokemon combined.

Fusion Pokedex Edit

This is Fusion Land's Pokedex. Everyone is welcome to help.

001-Hotios Hotios (Ho-oh + Latios)

002-Piew Piew (Pikachu + Mew)

003-Feranium Feranium (Feraligator + Meganium)

004- Hounray Hounray (Houndom + Luxray)

005- Flaretails Flaretails (Ninetails + Flareon)

006- Eeveon Eeveon (Porygon + Eevee)

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